Will MP Unmesh Patil shock the BJP in Maharashtra?

Sekar Chandra
Will mp Unmesh Patil shock the bjp in Maharashtra? 

There is a big stir in politics regarding the lok sabha elections 2024 in Maharashtra. Candidates are gradually being announced within the Mahayuti in Maharashtra. First bjp announced its candidates, after which Ajit Pawar's ncp and Eknath Shinde's shiv sena also announced their candidates.

On one hand, leaders are getting tickets, while on the other hand, the tickets of some leaders are also being cut. bjp has not given a ticket to the sitting mp from Jalgaon Unmesh Patil. Patil is angry over not getting the ticket and today he met uddhav thackeray in 'Matoshree'.

Maharashtra mp Sanjay Raut's recent meeting with Unmesh Patil has intensified discussions about Unmesh Patil possibly joining uddhav Thackeray's faction within Shiv Sena. Meanwhile, the bjp has made Smita Wagh its candidate for the Jalgaon lok sabha seat. There is news of sitting mp Unmesh Patil's displeasure over not getting the ticket.

After this, without wasting any time, Unmesh Patil went straight to mumbai on tuesday and met uddhav thackeray, which intensified further speculations about his possible change. After meeting Sanjay Raut, Unmesh Patil while addressing the media called it a friendly meeting. He said that he will give detailed information about this soon. During this time, he was seen avoiding giving any immediate statement.

Patil said, "Sanjay Raut and I have worked together in Parliament. Friendship should be maintained beyond politics. We always have discussions. Unmesh Patil has made it clear that we should not see everything as politics. I respect all of you with all my heart. I will talk to you in detail about all your questions, all the questions running in your mind. Now I feel that it is not appropriate for me to speak today. It is painful to say no to you. So "I will talk to you differently. Patil has also said that he will talk about this in detail tomorrow morning."

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