How can one become a hero with such a face?

How can one become a hero with such a data-face? 

The world of bollywood is full of glamor and beauty. Leaving aside Starkids, it is not easy for anyone to be a part of this world. If it comes to choosing between acting and beauty, then preference is given to beauty. This does not happen only with actresses, but this is the rule for actors also. If a person who dreams of becoming a star is not handsome then it is not easy for him to get films. She has to listen to a lot because of her looks. There is one star in the film world who had to data-face a lot of taunts about his looks before entering films. This actor with dark complexion and normal data-face was a superstar of the 90s.

Made a name in the industry on the basis of talent

This actor's first film proved to be a superhit and thus he proved that he is really capable of becoming an actor. This actor, who made his bollywood debut in 1991 with the film 'Phool Aur Kaante', is still active in films and is giving hits. Yes, you understand it right, this actor is none other than ajay Devgan. Who have risen to fame and written their success story in the industry on the basis of their talent.

Heard taunts regarding appearance.

Before entering the film industry, ajay Devgan data-faced a lot of difficulties due to his dark complexion and data-face. This was revealed in the tv show 'Aapki Adalat'. When the show's host Rajat Sharma discussed this with the actor. Rajat Sharma had told Ajay - 'I had read an article by Mahesh Bhatt, in which he had written that when you came into the film industry and you had not even stepped into it, before that the pundits of the trade had said that How can one become a hero with such a data-face?

'How can ajay become a hero?'

Responding to this, ajay Devgan had said- 'He had told me this also and people used to talk like this then. But now whatever's done is done. The pundits were wrong. Rajat Sharma had further told that yash Johar had also said how ajay can become a hero. naseeruddin shah had also said that he made a mistake in assisting Ajay. In such a situation, ajay had replied that he had also heard all this, but people in front of me were very positive. Due to which he felt that he was doing the right thing.

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