Himachal Congress in trouble due to Pratibha Singh's statement


Lok Sabha elections have been announced in the country. elections are to be held in himachal pradesh in the seventh and last phase. bharatiya janata party has also started campaigning for the elections and meanwhile congress is stuck in internal strife. Due to one after the other statements coming from Himachal congress President Pratibha Singh, congress seems to be in trouble. congress has called a press conference amidst the statements of Himachal congress President Pratibha Singh which are troubling the party one after the other. chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu and Himachal congress President Pratibha Singh Rajiv will try to give the message of 'All is Well' in a joint press conference at Rajiv Bhawan in shimla at 3 pm.

Himachal congress in trouble due to Pratibha Singh's statements!

Recently, after returning from Delhi, Pratibha Singh said in a conversation with the media that the situation of the party is not good. elections cannot be won with mp funds alone. He also talked about the disappointment of the party workers. Pratibha Singh also refused to contest elections from Mandi parliamentary constituency. He had talked about not limiting himself to Mandi parliamentary constituency. bharatiya janata party made political use of this statement of Pratibha Singh. Himachal bjp leaders taunted and said that the indian congress party is not even getting candidates to contest the elections. congress leaders themselves are refusing to come forward and contest the elections. Due to this, Congress's problems seem to be increasing.

Pratibha Singh has also praised PM Modi

However, this is not the first time that Pratibha Singh has given such statements. Himachal congress President Pratibha Singh has already praised prime minister Narendra Modi. She was also seen praising the strength of the Bharatiya Janata Party's organization along with the Prime Minister. Similarly, Pratibha Singh has also raised the issue of disappointment of congress workers on public platform many times. Pratibha Singh has been talking about timely allotment of tickets since the beginning of this year, but till now the ticket allotment has not been done. Pratibha Singh keeps expressing her displeasure like this every day. A large section within Himachal congress is also demanding the removal of Pratibha Singh from the post of President.

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