CM Champai Soren said - The Chief Ministers of the opposition...?


Arvind Kejriwal: Champai Soren said that after breaking political parties, toppling governments by luring MLAs, and extorting money from companies, arrest of opposition Chief Ministers has now become a common thing.  Jharkhand cm Champai Soren has cornered the bjp central government over the arrest of delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal in a money laundering case related to the liquor policy. Champai Soren said that just imagine, to what extent will these people, who keep all the rules aside to win the election of a mayor, go to win the lok sabha election?

Champai Soren wrote on social media Just imagine, to what extent will these people, who flout all the rules to win a mayor's election, go to win the lok sabha election? After seven decades of independence, you have to decide in the upcoming elections whether this country will run through democracy or dictatorship.

hemant Soren was also arrested

Whereas former jharkhand cm hemant Soren was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in the land scam case immediately after resigning from the post of chief minister of jharkhand on 31 january 2024. This resignation was done by hemant Soren after he was interrogated by ED officials for more than seven hours at his official residence in Ranchi.

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