Battle of 'wife' vs 'son' on this seat of Rajasthan?


lok sabha elections in Jhalawar Baran, rajasthan are going to be interesting. congress has made the wife of former Mining and cow Husbandry minister Pramod Jain Bhaya its candidate. urmila Jain Bhaya is currently posted as district Head. In the 2009 lok sabha elections, Pramod Jain Bhaya's wife urmila Jain Bhaya was defeated in Jhalawar Baran. congress released the list of lok sabha candidates for rajasthan on thursday night. There is a wave of happiness among congress workers after urmila Jain Bhaya got the lok sabha ticket from Jhalawar Baran.

Competition between wife and son on Jhalawar Baran seat

congress workers urmila Jain were demanding to make Bhaya a candidate against Dushyant Singh. Now it has been decided that a fight between wife and son will be seen in Jhalawar Baran. dushyant singh is the son of former chief minister Vasundhara Raje.

bjp had announced Dushyant Singh's name in the first list. congress had kept Jhalawar Baran and Kota Bundi seats on hold. Former mla Prahlad Gunjal, who joined congress a day before from Kota Bundi parliamentary constituency, is believed to have a strong claim. bjp is avoiding speaking directly on Gunjal's case. In 2009, urmila Jain Bhaya had to data-face defeat against dushyant singh by 52 thousand 841 votes. In 2014, husband Pramod Jain Bhaya also contested the lok sabha elections from Jhalawar Baran on congress ticket. Both husband and wife have to data-face defeat in front of Dushyant Singh. Pramod Jain Bhaya was defeated by 2 lakh 81 thousand 546 votes.

bjp captures 7 out of 8 assembly seats

There is still no less challenge for congress on Jhalawar Baran lok sabha seat. bjp has control over 7 out of 8 assembly seats. There are bjp MLAs from Jhalrapatan, Manohar police station, Dag, Chhabra, Anta, Baran and Kishanganj. Only Khanpur assembly seat is with Congress. dushyant singh, who is contesting elections for the fifth consecutive time, is considered to be strong in the Jhalawar Baran lok sabha seat. The son gets full support in the name of Vasundhara Raje. In such a situation, congress data-faces a tough challenge this time too. vasundhara raje has visited Jhalawar. In such a situation, congress will have to give a tough fight to win the Jhalawar Baran lok sabha seat.

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