Sharad Pawar - 'Keeping the elections in mind...'


delhi cm arvind kejriwal has been arrested by ED. AAP workers are protesting across the country against his arrest. Meanwhile, Sharad Pawar's reaction has come to light on his arrest. sharad pawar said, work is being done to strangle democracy. It is not appropriate to arrest the chief minister of any state. We will stand with kejriwal with full strength. I oppose the arrest of Kejriwal. kejriwal has been arrested keeping the elections in mind.

What did sharad pawar say?

sharad pawar said, 'It seems that ED and cbi are being misused. ⁠⁠Arvind kejriwal has now been arrested. The State and the Council of Ministers have the right to make policies. ⁠First minister Manish Sisodia, rajya sabha MP sanjay singh were arrested, now the cm himself has been arrested. Meanwhile, sharad pawar also raised questions regarding fair elections.

Pawar said in the context of delhi Assembly, '⁠Kejriwal was sent to jail in the elections, now bjp will not get even 2 seats. ⁠A kind of panic is being prepared. ⁠The public will collectively teach a lesson to BJP. ⁠I stand strongly with Arvind Kejriwal. All the parties of 'India' alliance are with Arvind Kejriwal. ⁠Action has been taken against arvind kejriwal keeping the elections in mind.

On MVA seat sharing, sharad pawar said, the decision on seat sharing will not be taken just by my decision but by taking everyone into confidence. On MNS's entry in NDA, he said, if Raj thackeray contests on one or two seats, it will not make much impact or difference.

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