What did Kalpana Soren say about Sita Soren joining BJP?


Reportedly in jharkhand, Sita Soren, elder daughter-in-law of jharkhand Mukti Morcha chief Shibu Soren and former mla from Jama assembly seat, has strongly attacked hemant Soren's wife Kalpana Soren without taking her name after joining BJP. On wednesday evening, he made seven posts one by one with very harsh words on the social media platform X.

Meanwhile Sita Soren wrote in warning words, "Today, in the name of late Durga Soren ji, who sacrificed his life for jharkhand and Jharkhandis, I request the people who are shedding crocodile tears not to put a finger in my mouth, otherwise if I And if my children open their mouth and reveal the horrific truth, then the dreams of many people of political and power happiness will be shattered and the people of jharkhand will spit in the name of those people who have always conspired to eliminate Durga Soren and her people."

Perhaps in fact, hemant Soren's wife Kalpana Soren posted a post on social media on wednesday morning, praising Sita Soren's husband late. Durga Soren's struggle and her close relationship with hemant Soren were mentioned. He himself. Pictures of Durga Soren and hemant Soren were also shared. Now, Sita Soren has strongly hit back at Kalpana without taking her name.

Moreover Kalpana Soren has written on her But we were also isolated socially and politically. god knows how I brought up my daughters in this period. I and my daughters were left in a void from which we could not escape. It seemed impossible. I lost not only a husband, but also a guardian, a companion and my biggest supporter." Clarifying the reason for her resignation, Sita Soren wrote in the next post, "There is no political reason behind my resignation. It is a voice against my and my daughters' suffering, neglect and injustice done to us. The jharkhand Mukti The party that my husband nurtured with his blood and sweat has today deviated from its values and duties."

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