VK Sasikala sensational interview!

I will show who I am in 2026 elections - VK Sasikala sensational interview

VK Sasikala has said that in the upcoming 2026 assembly elections, we and DMK will have direct competition, then I will show who I am.

Former chief minister Jayalalithaa's close friend VK Sasikala attended a function held near Pattukottai in thanjavur district. Speaking to the media following this, she said, according to me, it is the people who decide the victory in the lok sabha elections.

My assumption is that AIADMK is likely to join the 3-team alliance after the parliamentary elections. Then everyone will understand the strength of AIADMK. 2026 assembly elections will be a direct contest between us and DMK. Then I will show you who I am. I have also predicted what will happen to DMK.

In the parliamentary elections, people should think about who should come to power at the center and vote. O. Panneerselvam's ban on the use of the double leaf symbol is a ally of the AIADMK. she will contest the upcoming 2026 assembly elections as AIADMK candidate. she said that the AIADMK will win the election as a single party and take charge of the government.

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