Kanimozhi works hard to set up a rocket launch pad in Thoothukudi?

MP in Thoothukudi lok sabha Constituency minister Geetha jeevan has said that Kanimozhi's victory is certain, but the vote margin should be more.

A meeting of india Alliance activists in Thoothukudi Parliamentary Constituency was held at a private wedding hall in Thoothukudi. minister Geetha Jeevan, mp kanimozhi, Srivaikundam congress Assembly Member urvashi Amirtharaj, Corporation Mayor jagan Periyasamy and allies have participated in this.

Speaking at the meeting, minister Geethajeevan, M.P. kanimozhi is one of us. she is in the block 4 days a week. He worked hard to set up a rocket launch pad at Kulasekharapatnam. Chances of success are guaranteed. The difference in votes should be more. We should meet the people by highlighting the pain of bjp rule and our achievements. DMK cannot be destroyed by any horn. She said that Modi is misleading people by spreading lies.

Following this, M.P. Speaking in kanimozhi, the prices of gas, petrol and diesel have gone up a lot. 1000 rupees is given to the female students of the college in the innovation women scheme. Women's Entitlement Amount is provided. prime minister Modi visits tamil Nadu 3 days a week due to election. But did he visit the flood victims at least once? They are calling him again and again to set foot in tamil Nadu. He said that the people of tamil Nadu will not vote for him.

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