Chanakya giant tortoise, died at Nehru Zoological Garden in Hyderabad

Chanakya, the sweet potato-loving Galapagos giant tortoise, died at Nehru Zoological Garden in hyderabad at the age of 125. The oldest resident of the zoo died of age-related complications. Zoo authorities were concerned after chanakya stopped eating. He was under the observation of the zoo’s veterinary team head, Dr MA Hakeem. Despite being provided his favourite diet of sweet potato and spinach, chanakya did not eat for 10 days. When the zoo staff went to clean his enclosure in the morning, they found that he passed away in his sleep.

He, along with another 95 year old of his kind, have been star attractions since the inauguration of the zoo. chanakya was shifted from Public Gardens (Bagh-E-Aam) in nampally in 1963. hyderabad zoo had been his home thereafter. Before the establishment of the zoo, Public Gardens used to house animal enclosures. It is the oldest park in hyderabad and was built by the seventh Nizam.

The initial postmortem report reveals that the tortoise died due to multiple organ failure. For further investigation, samples have been sent to Veterinary Biological and Rech Institute, and Veterinary college in Rajendranagar. The Galapagos giant tortoise is the largest species of tortoise. They are best known for their contribution to Charles Darwin’s ‘Evolution of Species’ theory. The scientist studied them over years to make important conclusions about human evolution. Among the exotic animals, orangutan, hippopotamus, African Lion, jaguar, ostrich, macaws, and green iguana have bred in this zoo successfully.

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