Mukhtar Ansari's troubles increased, found guilty in another case...


MP-MLA court of varanasi Mukhtar Ansari was produced in the court of Special Judge (MP-MLA) Avnish gautam through VC from Banda Jail in 36 year old fake gun license case. Mukhtar Ansari was found guilty under the Arms Act. The hearing on the point of punishment will be held tomorrow afternoon, wednesday 13 March. Mukhtar Ansari was acquitted in the corruption case. In this 36 year old case, the whole matter is a matter of fraud in arms license.

Mukhtar Ansari is accused of obtaining license by forging the signatures of DM and SP. Mafia Mukhtar Ansari was produced through video conferencing from Banda Jail. So far 10 people have testified in this case. Mukhtar Ansari has been accused of fake weapons. There is an allegation of taking the license. Former Chief Secretary and former DGP have also testified in this case.

Convicted under Section 428,467,468,120B of the indian Penal Code and Section 30 Arms Act and acquitted under Section 13(2) Prevention of Corruption Act.

In the said case, the allegation against Mukhtar Ansari was that he had obtained the arms license by forging the signatures of the then district Magistrate Alok Ranjan and the then Superintendent of Police, Ghazipur Devraj. The said case was registered in 1990, which was investigated by the CBCID. In the case, the charge sheet against Mukhtar Ansari and the then Shastra clerk gauri shankar Lal was sent to the court. Due to the allegation of the section of Prevention of Corruption Act in the charge sheet against the accused, the trial of the said case was being conducted in the Special Jurisdiction court, Varanasi. Meanwhile, by the order of the Honorable supreme court in the case of Ashwani Upadhyay vs Union of India, the said case was sent to the Special court MP/ It was pending in the MLA's court in which the decision has come today.

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