Latest survey of Lok Sabha elections, good news for Akhilesh!!!


India Alliance and nda are trying their best for the upcoming lok sabha elections. There has been a lot of change in the circumstances after the alliance of SP and congress in UP. In a recent election survey, good news has come for akhilesh yadav and Injia alliance. Recently, Times Now Navbharat has conducted a survey regarding the lok sabha elections in which there is good news for the opposition parties. Opposition parties have gained strength after the SP-Congress alliance in UP. According to the survey, out of 80 lok sabha seats in UP, nda is expected to get 72 to 78 seats.

Shocking cases found in the survey

According to the survey, after the alliance of SP-Congress, the opposition may get 2 to 6 seats. At the same time, BSP is also predicted to get 0-1 seat. This figure is slightly better than the previous survey. people are looking towards this alliance more than before. Earlier, in the same survey of Times Now Navbharat, bjp was predicted to get 78 out of 80 lok sabha seats in UP. Whereas the opposition was expected to win only 2 seats and it was difficult for BSP to even open its account. Due to this survey, lines of worry had appeared on the forehead of the opposition.

Clash between nda and 'India' in UP

nda is in a very strong position in UP. Here along with bjp, political parties like Jayant Choudhary's Rashtriya Lok Dal, Subhaspa, Nishad party and Apna Dal are included. Whereas in the opposition alliance, SP and congress are contesting the elections together. Bahujan Samaj party has announced to contest the elections alone this time. Let us tell you that this time the battle of lok sabha elections is going to be very interesting. bjp has set a target of winning all the 80 seats of UP, in such a situation the party has used its full strength. If the opposition also has to compete with the bjp, it will have to enter the fray with a strong strategy.

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