Sale of colored Gobi Manchurian and Cotton Candy banned in Karnataka

Just like Goa, tamil Nadu, puducherry, and Maharashtra, now karnataka has also joined the bandwagon to ban food colouring agents that may lead to cancer. And if food vendors are found violating this ban set by Karnataka’s health ministry, they will land in jail. So the next time you feel like enjoying one of India’s famous roadside snacks, Gobi Manchurian, think again. This fried cauliflower-based dish tossed in sauces with added colour has been found to contain large amounts of carcinogenic substances. This could lead to cancer if consumed regularly.

Two food items, Gobi Manchurian and the colourful Cotton Candy, have sent alarm bells ringing across health ministries in the country as laboratory tests have shown cancer-causing additives Rhodamine-B and Tartrazine were being used in their preparation.

Officials of Karnataka’s health ministry collected nearly 171 samples of these food items from various roadside eateries and hotels to test the quality of the additives used. health inspectors are expected to conduct random visits and surprise raids on food outlets in the state to maintain strict implementation of the ban, said ministry officials.

“Any violation will attract 7 years of life imprisonment and a fine up to Rs 10 lakh,” said Rao. Repeat violators will be handled with an iron fist and will be booked under the strictest section of the law. One cannot play with the lives and health of people,” warned Rao. The governments of puducherry and tamil Nadu have issued a directive banning the production and marketing of coloured cotton candy after Rhodamine-B was found in its production. North Goa’s Mapusa Municipal Council passed a resolution banning the sale of Gobi Manchurian at roadside stalls in the area.

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