Registration of membership in Tamil Nadu Victory Association is going on fast.. Have so many lakhs of people joined in 3 days?

Membership registration to join actor Vijay's tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam is going on in full swing through the online application.

Actor Vijay launched a political party called tamil Nadu victory Kazhagam last February. With the announcement of the party, Kaiyudu announced that he will quit the cinema as soon as he finishes acting in the films he has. Vijay, who is currently acting in Code, will next complete his last film Thalapathy 69 and enter politics full-time.

Thalapathy Vijay

Having clearly announced that he will not contest in the upcoming parliamentary elections, and that the assembly elections to be held in 2026 is the target of his party, Vijay is gradually working to strengthen his party. As a part of it, membership of tamil Nadu success Club was officially started on march 8.

TVK Membership APP

Membership of Vijay party is going on through the app. Actor Vijay, who introduced the app, added himself as the first member and later made it available to people. The server crashed as lakhs of fans gathered at the same time to connect to tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam through the app introduced by Vijay.

Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam Vijay

After fixing it, membership is continuing. In that way, it has been three days since the registration of membership through the application of tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam has been started, and the vice president of the party has officially announced that 50 lakh people have joined it so far. It is noteworthy that Vijay has set a target of enrolling 2 crore people as members

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