Will BJP control the 'damage' of Upendra Singh Rawat?


upendra Singh Rawat, the current mp from Barabanki, will not contest the lok sabha elections. After the alleged obscene video went viral, he has distanced himself from entering the election battlefield. bjp had expressed confidence in upendra Singh Rawat for the second time. A day after getting the ticket, the alleged obscene video of the sitting bjp mp went viral. Withdrawal from the field has created a damage control challenge for bjp in Barabanki. bjp is looking for a data-face in Barabanki after the lok sabha candidate withdrew from the electoral field.

How will bjp control the damage in Barabanki?

Barabanki is a reserved lok sabha seat. Looking at the equation, Rawat community is also expected to get bjp ticket. It is being said that bjp can bet on Dalit data-faces. To place bets, bjp is left with the option of burglary. congress is preparing to make the son of Dalit leader PL Punia the lok sabha candidate from Barabanki. bjp can play a big bet by breaking into Congress. Sources say that bjp can do damage control in Barabanki by supporting congress leader Tanuj Punia.

Will she capture the seat by breaking into Congress?

father PL Punia has rejected the speculations of leaving congress and joining BJP. Recently, there was talk of PL Punia meeting a big bjp leader in Delhi. After the meeting, speculations started being made that the father may change sides if his son gets bjp ticket from Barabanki. Sources say that Tanuj Punia is not interested in contesting elections on congress ticket. The potential lok sabha candidate of congress is afraid of defeat. Therefore, sunil is trying to meet amit shah through Bansal. PL Punia's son intends to leave congress and contest elections from BJP.

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