CM Yogi will visit Kushinagar, will lay the foundation stone!!!


Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath will lay the foundation stone of Lord buddha and Technological university and other projects in Kushinagar on march 10. Along with this, cm Yogi will also inaugurate Agricultural Welfare Center in 49 blocks of the state and acharya Narendra DU University. Regarding the arrival of the chief minister, bjp leaders held a meeting at Galaxy Hotel and discussed the preparations. Agriculture minister of Uttar Pradesh government, surya pratap Shahi said that the establishment of Agricultural university in Kushinagar will pave the way for advanced farming to the farmers of many nearby districts and agricultural education and employment to the youth. On march 10, chief minister Yogi Adityanath will lay the foundation stone of mahatma buddha Agricultural university on the land of Maitreya Project in Kushinagar.

Along with this, cabinet minister Shahi addressed the meeting of bharatiya janata party officials and public representatives in a hotel in Kasya in preparation for the arrival of the Chief Minister. The Agriculture minister said that the Modi government's guarantee is that whatever we lay the foundation stone of, we also inaugurate it. He stressed that the foundation stone of the Agricultural university will be laid on march 10. The building will be ready in december and in the year 2026, prime minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Agricultural university dedicated to farmers and youth.

Agriculture minister Shahi appealed to bjp leaders, officials and workers to make the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Agricultural university a historic one. During this, he said that we all should create such an environment with all our strength and capacity that the opposition becomes frustrated and disappointed and this time it crosses 400, once again the echo of Modi government goes to the entire country. Meanwhile, mp Vijay Kumar Dubey said that there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people of Kushinagar due to the establishment of Agricultural University. He assured that the foundation stone laying program will be historic. While presiding over the meeting, district President Durgesh Rai welcomed and thanked everyone and gave the responsibility to all the board presidents and officials and said that everyone should get involved from now on to make the program historic.

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