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cm arvind kejriwal has again termed ED's summons in the delhi Excise Policy case as illegal. This time he has definitely said that he will answer the questions of ED. After this, delhi bjp leader Harish Khurana has hit back at the CM. He said, 'CM sir, you bowed down before the ED.' delhi bharatiya janata party spokesperson Harish Khurana said in his statement on Monday, 'CM arvind kejriwal ji, if you want to answer through video conferencing, then give it today itself. You bowed before ED. You have to answer many questions from ED.

This is the statement of bjp leader

delhi bjp leader Harish Khurana said, 'It seemed that chief minister arvind kejriwal has once again skipped the ED summons. This is the eighth time when he has not appeared before the ED, disobeying the law, and has thought it better to skip the summons. Now sir is saying that he will answer ED's questions through video conferencing on march 12. cm arvind kejriwal ji, is there any auspicious time for that day? You have to answer through video conferencing. You can do this work even today. The truth is that this is just an excuse.

Date sought from ED

Let us tell you that delhi cm arvind kejriwal did not appear before the ED even today. This time he has definitely said that he is ready to answer the questions of ED. A date has also been sought from ED for this. He said that he will appear before the investigating agency in online mode.

Knowingly violating the law

According to delhi bjp President Virendra Sachdeva, cm arvind kejriwal is deliberately violating the law. kejriwal government has committed a scam in liquor scam. shame on them. He said that cm is talking about Ramrajya budget today. You have looted Delhi. Today the whole country is in Rammay, so you are talking about ram Budget. You should be ashamed.

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