Bansuri Swaraj met Meenakshi Lekhi after her ticket was canceled...


bjp has given ticket to Bansuri Swaraj in place of minister Meenkashi Lekhi from New delhi seat. Bansuri Swaraj met meenakshi lekhi on Monday. After this meeting, he said, "Meenakshi didi blessed me and assured me that I will get her guidance." bjp on saturday released its first list of candidates for the lok sabha elections in which there are names of 195 candidates. These include five out of seven seats in the capital Delhi. Apart from Manoj Tiwari, bjp has canceled the tickets of four other MPs, including Meenakshi Lekhi.

When Meenakshi Lekhi's seat was given to her, Bansuri said, "The responsibility which you fulfill with full devotion and that responsibility is given to someone else, then that new person is taken forward by holding the finger so that he also fulfills that responsibility." Can perform duties with full devotion. Today Meenakshi didi blessed me and also assured me that I will continue to get her guidance. Did she give any suggestion regarding contesting elections? On this question, Bansuri Swaraj said that it was given absolutely.

Bansuri gave this answer to your allegations

Bansuri Swaraj is the daughter of former Union minister Sushma Swaraj. She is a supreme court lawyer by profession. After the declaration of Bansuri as the candidate, aam aadmi party is attacking BJP. AAP alleges that bjp has given ticket to a leader who as a lawyer has been fighting a fugitive case in the court. Bansuri has also responded to this in which he said, "AAP has made a candidate who is not liked even by his own party members." They should not blame us because the public will give them a befitting reply in the elections.

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