Rabri Devi said- 'BJP is buying MLAs all over the country'


As per report bihar Crime Control Bill 2024 was presented in the assembly last thursday (29 February) and this bill was passed. However, opposition leaders are linking this model with the yogi model of UP and are demanding that it be withdrawn. On friday (01 March), RJD MLCs, under the leadership of Rabri Devi, demonstrated at the Legislative Council Portico carrying banners and posters. RJD MLCs demanded withdrawal of the crime control law. He believes this is the UP model. Will not work here. On the other hand, the leaders of the Grand Alliance are raising the issue of their MLAs changing sides. They are alleging that bjp is breaking the Grand Alliance by intimidating its MLAs through investigative agencies. Let us tell you that till now six MLAs of the Grand Alliance have changed sides and have joined NDA.

Meanwhile RJD has also alleged that there is rampant corruption in the nda government. Law and order has broken down. Protests were held on these issues also. It was written on the placard in his hand, "Chief Minister, come to your senses..., stop corruption-loot-crime, stop threatening MLAs."

Perhaps during the demonstration at the Legislative Council portico, Rabri Devi said that we are opposing the law (Crime Control Bill 2024) that is being passed. As far as horse-trading of MLAs is concerned, bjp is weak. Not only in bihar, but in the entire country, bjp is buying MLAs for money. The indian government has become weak. She is broke so she is buying and selling. Let us tell you that through the Crime Control Bill 2024, the government has said that it will end crime, corruption, sand-land and liquor mafia rule in Bihar. This law is being treated like the gangster Act of UP.

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