Why Saurabh Bhardwaj said LG has hurt dignity and constitutional position?


Reportedly the series of allegations and counter-allegations between the lg of delhi and the AAP government is not stopping. Now, regarding the language of his letters in delhi assembly, minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said, 'LG has hurt dignity and constitutional position by writing a political letter. He has a stain on the Holy Office. I, the chief minister and leader of Opposition Ramveer Singh Bidhuri are political people, but it is not acceptable to our Constitution for the Lieutenant governor to write such a letter.

Meanwhile he said in the assembly that today I present the evidence as to how you did political work. First, 10 aldermen were appointed to the standing committee of the corporation, all of them were bjp workers. Secondly, the scheme was to be passed within june 2023. It was repeatedly said that a new scheme is being brought, then as a minister I wrote to Atishi ji asking whether any new scheme is coming, then he said that the scheme which has been passed is final. Then we asked him to bring the cabinet. On february 15, we discussed this with lg Saheb in the assembly and he said that write to the CS and today he is refusing. lg sir should maintain the dignity of that office.

Moreover AAP mla Sanjeev Jha also hit back over the language of his letters in the delhi Assembly. Questioning the LG's language, he said, 'Lieutenant governor Vinay Saxena does not have constitutional understanding. He is an appointed man. From the kind of language used in the letter, he appears to be working like an agent of BJP. bjp is giving instructions to them and they are giving instructions to the officials. AAP mla Sanjiy Jha did not stop here. He further said that lg is creating obstacles in all the schemes of public interest. The Lieutenant governor should not try to supersede the House. I would like the minister's answer in this matter.

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