What Change can you see in attitude of BJP MP Varun Gandhi?


Reportedly before the lok sabha elections, the tone of bjp mp varun gandhi has changed. varun gandhi, who has raised questions on the policies of the bjp government, has praised PM Modi. bjp mp had reached Pilibhit today (Monday) for the railway station redevelopment program under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. varun gandhi was not seen in bjp programs for a long time. On reaching the redevelopment program of the railway station, the workers warmly welcomed the bjp MP.

Meanwhile varun gandhi told the stage that the nation is being built under the leadership of PM Modi. The slogan of jai Hind, jai Hindustan is echoing abroad. india is being recognized all over the world. He said that britain had enslaved India. Today the prime minister of britain is of indian origin. The Vice President of America is Kamala Harris. varun gandhi claimed that the top positions in 18 countries are of indian origin. Indians, scientists, doctors and lawyers will be found everywhere in the world.

He said that there is no dearth of courage, hard work and talent in our country. people need to get opportunities. The slogan of jai Hind is resonating all over the world. Patriotism is the resolution of our life. He said, I want to thank prime minister Modi for the achievement. Let us tell you that varun gandhi has shown rebellious attitude many times by raising questions on the policies of Modi government. The attitude of the bjp mp in Pilibhit was seen changing. varun gandhi, who participated in BJP's program after a long time, said that PM Modi is doing the work of nation building.

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