Free Electric Scooter... Good News for College Girls..!?

The government has announced that it will provide free electric scooty for women who are currently studying, as they have already announced the free journey on government buses. During the election, the congress party made six guarantees and many promises. Of the six guarantees, free travel facility is already provided on rtc buses under the Mahalakshmi scheme. 10 lakhs is provided under the Rajiv Arugasree Bima Project. The congress party has also focused on other guarantees that 6 guarantees will be fulfilled within 100 days. Training has been launched on the topic of providing electric scooters to students studying in colleges.

The congress said in its election manifesto that every young woman who is over 18 under the age of 18 will be given an electric scooter under the program to empower young women. Ravant reddy is currently focusing on the Sarkar project. It is expected to offer scooters at a cost of Rs 350 crore. There are about 1,784 colleges in Hyderabad, Rangaratti and Matsal districts. There are about 5 lakh poor students in these colleges. Of these, 2 lakh are in the metropolitan area. Of these, up to 70 thousand people study in government colleges. Procedures and application details for this project will be released soon.

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