One year of the cruelty of the Venkavayal: Anbumani Ramadoss..!?

The leader of the Pudukkottai district has questioned when the human waste was mixed in the drinking water tank used by the people listed in the Pudukkottai district. In a social networking record published by the leader of the party, Anumani Ramadas said, “A man has been completed for a year in a drinking water tank for people listed in Venkavayal village in Pudukkottai district. One year in the criminal investigation is the longest. But even after so long, those responsible for the atrocities of the Venkavayal have not yet been discovered; It is painful that not punished. The negligence of the tamil Nadu government and the police in this problem is reprehensible.

The demand and position of the entire tamil Nadu is that those responsible for the atrocities of the Venkaiyaval should be punished. The people who listed that the arrest of the culprits will make them live peacefully as the victims are raised. Other communities in the Venkavayal and its surrounding areas insist that the real culprits should be punished to stop unnecessary slander. What is the reluctance of the tamil Nadu government and the police in arresting the culprits after all this? Do not know.

Even after the investigation into the case of the Venkavayal harassment was transferred from the Pudukkottai district police to the CBCID, there was no improvement in the investigation. Is the government of tamil Nadu not concerned about arresting the real culprits in the Venkavayal issue and providing justice to the affected people? These events are the ones who doubt.

Similar events have occurred in many parts of tamil Nadu as a result of the non -punishment of the criminals. Fearing the outcome of the news about it, the events are covered or distracted by other reasons. The situation should not continue. To ensure that, I urge all those behind the atrocities of the Venkavayal and that they should be arrested and punished before the law. ”

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