India's alliance does not need Prime Minister's face: Sharad Pawar..!?

Nationalist congress party leader sharad pawar says the prime minister does not need the data-face of the india coalition. Senior politician and congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='nationalist congress party-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">nationalist congress party leader sharad pawar has made a different view that trinamool congress leader mamta Banerjee and aam aadmi party leader arvind kejriwal have proposed congress leader Mallikarjuna as prime ministerial candidate. He said the data-face of the Prime Minister's post would make no difference. Nationalist congress leader sharad pawar, who met with reporters in Pune, was questioned about the prime ministerial candidate of the india coalition. Responding to this, he pointed out that the Janata party won a great victory against indira gandhi after Emergency in the 1977 lok sabha elections.

“In the 1977 election, no data-face was presented as the prime ministerial candidate. After the election, Moraji Desai was elected prime minister. His name was nowhere to be spoken before the election. In fact, a new party appeared. After the election, morarji desai became the Prime Minister. Therefore, there is no consequences even if a data-face is not forwarded to the post of Prime Minister. ” sharad pawar said.

The 4th Advisory Meeting of the Opposition india Alliance, which rallied against the BJP, was held in delhi recently. mamata banerjee, the leader of the All india congress leader Mallikarjuna Karke, proposed the Prime Ministerial candidate of the india Alliance and the leader of the trinamool congress Party. Mamata's proposal has also been widely recognized as it is a major Dalit data-face in the alliance of the opposition parties. A total of 28 parties are currently in the alliance. Of those, 12 parties have accepted Mamata's proposal. Even delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal, who is practicing the friction of the congress party, has supported this.

However, Mallikarjuna Karge, who refused to do so dignity, said that it was his only desire to strive for the oppressed people. At the same time, nitish kumar was dissatisfied with the recommendation of Mallikarjuna Karge as the prime ministerial candidate of the india Alliance. nitish kumar, who ended the controversy, said he was not disappointed with Mallikarjuna Karge as the prime ministerial candidate of the india Alliance.

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