CM reversed his statement of removing hijab ban, said - 'Not done yet...'


Regarding Hijab ban in karnataka, cm Siddaramaiah said that it has not been done yet. According to the PTI report, she said, "Someone asked me a question about lifting the ban on hijab, to which I replied that the government is considering canceling it."

Addressing a public meeting in Mysuru, cm Siddaramaiah had said that the government is going to remove the ban on hijab in the state, instructions have been given to the administration for this. After this, bjp accused the cm of sowing the poison of religion.

cm can take decision- supriya Sule

After Siddaramaiah's statement, politics has started across the country regarding this. Regarding this, karnataka bjp President BY Vijayendra accused the chief minister of the state of dividing on the basis of religion. ncp mp supriya sule said on the hijab controversy, "This is an internal matter of Karnataka. The cm there can take a decision." On the issue of withdrawal of ban on wearing hijab in educational institutions of the state, the karnataka bjp President said, "The ruling congress is carrying forward the policy of the british government of divide and rule. The state government should at least provide children with their Should have been saved from dirty politics."

bjp targeted cm Siddaramaiah

He alleged that on one hand congress wants to lift the ban on hijab, while on the other hand Hindu women who went to appear for exams were forced to remove their mangal sutra and toe rings. He said that congress never tried to uplift the status of minorities. In Mysuru on friday (December 22), cm Siddaramaiah targeted PM narendra modi and said, "The PM talks about everyone's support, everyone's development, but leaves aside those who wear caps, burqas and those with beards."

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