Vivek Bindra's name is linked to these controversies


Motivational speaker vivek Bindra has been accused of assaulting his wife. Vaibhav Kwatra, brother of his wife Yanika, has filed an FIR against him in Sector 126 of Noida, adjacent to Delhi. Officials have started investigating the allegations and have said that appropriate action will be taken based on the investigation.

Bindra and Yanika were married on 6 december 2023 and were living in a posh society in Sector 94, Noida. According to the FIR, a few hours after the marriage, Bindra allegedly took Yanika inside a room, abused her, pulled her hair and assaulted her.

Assault with wife Yanika

It has been claimed in the complaint that due to the assault, Yanika is not able to hear properly. Bindra also allegedly broke his phone. He has been admitted to a hospital in Delhi. This is not the first time that Bindra's name has been involved in some controversy. Bindra has been involved in many controversies before also.

Controversy with sandeep Maheshwari

Recently, YouTuber and motivational speaker sandeep Maheshwari accused him of running a scam. Actually, sandeep Maheshwari released a video named 'Big Scam Exposed', in which Bindra was accused of running a course like Multi-Level Marketing. The alleged scam involves charging huge sums of money for teaching business to students. This amount is approximately Rs 500 crore. Bindra responded to these allegations on his YouTube channel and denied any wrongdoing. This controversy increased further when Maheshwari said that Bindra has started sending his people to my house and office.

Controversy over Sikh community

Earlier in june 2022, Bindra was embroiled in controversy due to one of his videos. Actually, the motivational speaker had used animation of Guru Gobind Singh in his video. On this he had to data-face criticism from the Sikh community. However, he later apologized for this.

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