Sumitra Mahajan made a sharp reaction to Vice President's mimicry...


The matter of TMC mp mimicking Vice President jagdeep dhankhar during the protest by opposition party MPs outside parliament House does not seem to be stopping. Apart from the Vice President and PM Modi, many leaders have condemned this. Now former lok sabha Speaker sumitra mahajan has also reacted sharply on this. He has said that respect is not for the person but for the position.

While talking to journalists in Indore, former lok sabha Speaker sumitra mahajan expressed strong reaction to the mimicry of the Vice President and said, "Whatever happened in the parliament was not right. Making fun of the Vice President in the parliament premises is not a good thing. This is "Respect is not the person but the position." He further said that the workers follow the words of the leaders, hence the leaders should react with caution. MPs are there to discuss, there should be no ruckus in parliament for the sake of uproar. The Jat community has expressed displeasure over this action of the opposition. people of Jat community said that it has been decided to vote on this issue in the lok sabha elections.

bjp mla from Osian assembly constituency of Jodhpur, Bhairaram Seyol issued a statement saying that the manner in which former congress national president rahul gandhi and some TMC leaders have mocked Vice President jagdeep dhankhar inside the parliament House by mimicking them, these people The worst act has been done inside the temple of democracy. bjp mla Bhairaram Seol alleged that "Congress and opposition parties are not able to digest how a farmer and a person from Jat family has reached this position. Through such ridiculous and cheap actions, they have insulted the entire Jat community."

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