Navjot Singh Sidhu's supporters hit back at Pratap, what he said?


The conflict among the leaders of punjab congress is increasing. leader of Opposition Pratap Singh Bajwa had a day earlier attacked Navjot Singh Sidhu and invited him to join the congress protest. Now a post regarding this has been made on social media account X regarding Sidhu. This post has been made by his supporters.

The post reads, "Bajwa Saheb, we congress officials and workers want to ask that neither we nor Navjot Singh Sidhu should be invited to the programs of punjab Congress. If we hold a rally on the invitation of party workers for the betterment of Congress. And if we gathered a crowd of more than 8 thousand, then why are we being called bad instead of encouraging us? We officials and workers are working day and night for the upliftment of the congress Party."

'Why are we discriminated against in the party?'

The post on As the opposition, AAP did not organize any major event, whereas we organized an open rally and put forward the questions of the people who were upset with the government. Actually, the sad thing is that the workers are not getting respect and representation, if at all. It is being received. If a leader like Sidhu has held hands with the workers, then why is this thing troubling some leaders. It is hoped that the leadership of punjab will not take the side of Navjot Sidhu and the common workers."

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