Anil Vij angry at TMC MP for mimicking the Vice President


Controversy is increasing over TMC mp kalyan Banerjee's mimicry of Vice President and rajya sabha Chairman jagdeep Dhankhar. TeamMC mp is being continuously opposed by BJP. Meanwhile, haryana Home and health Minister Anil Vij has also reacted to the issue of TeamMC mp kalyan Banerjee making derogatory remarks on Vice President jagdeep dhankhar and mimicking him. Anil Vij said that for the way mp kalyan Banerjee has made fun of the Vice President of the country, his parliament membership should be revoked and he should be admitted to a zoo.

congress rajya sabha mp Deepender Singh Hooda was also targeted for mimicking Vice President jagdeep dhankhar on behalf of kalyan Banerjee. It was posted from BJP's social media account Those belonging to the IPL laugh and applaud the respectable Vice President's insult. Ironically, on the same evening in Sirsa, they go to Sirsa and trick the same farmers who consider the farmer's son jagdeep Singh Dhankhar to be a fun personality of their society."

Congress-BJP data-face to data-face

Let us tell you that the MPs were suspended from the Parliament. After this, demonstrations were being held outside the parliament on behalf of the MPs. During this, TeamMC mp kalyan Banerjee mimicked Vice President jagdeep Dhankhar. rahul gandhi was also making a video of this, due to which bjp is continuously targeting Congress. At the same time, congress is cornering bjp over suspending the MP.

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