Minister Madan Sahni's big statement on alliance


JDU workers were very excited even before the meeting of india Alliance held in delhi on 19 December. They were demanding that nitish kumar be made the Prime Ministerial candidate. A poster was also put up that 'One determination is needed, one Nitish is needed', but the way mamata banerjee put forward the name of congress National President mallikarjun Kharge in the meeting and arvind kejriwal supported him, it seems that The game itself has changed. On thursday (December 21), ABP news spoke to Nitish cabinet minister madan Sahni. madan Sahni said that without Nitish there is no point in india alliance.

madan Sahni said that everyone is giving credit to nitish kumar for forming the india Alliance. All the parties included in the alliance are giving credit for this to Nitish Kumar. Even in the coming times, without nitish kumar in the india alliance, there is no remote justification for this alliance. This continues even today and will continue in the times to come. He said that even if Kharge's name came up, he did not accept it.

In the name of Kharge, madan Sahni said that the game is not going to be spoiled. Everyone has the right to present their views in the meeting. Said that we are not ready to accept the fact that the head of any state is going to spoil it because of what he says or because of his spoiling of the game. This alliance is completely united and its effect will be visible in the times to come.

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