Is Nitish Kumar angry? Lalan Singh told everything


TMC chief mamata banerjee proposed the name of congress President mallikarjun Kharge as PM in the

meeting of india Alliance (I.N.D.I.A. Alliance). This was supported by delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. After this,

there was speculation that bihar CM nitish kumar, who was present in the meeting, had become angry due to

this. However, now JDU has rejected the claims of any kind of resentment and said that nitish kumar was

present at the venue till the end of the meeting. Let us tell you that the meeting was held on tuesday (December

19) in delhi in which 28 parties participated.

JDU national president Lalan Singh said while talking to the media, nitish kumar ji is not angry. He was

present in the meeting till the end. After the meeting, we came out after taking permission from Mallikarjun

Kharge ji, rahul gandhi ji and sonia gandhi ji. These are fabricated things that he is angry. It was decided that

one or two people would sit in the press brief. Lalan Singh claimed that there was no problem in the alliance.

Lalan Singh said this on seat sharing

On the other hand, when asked about seat sharing, Lalan Singh said, There has been a discussion on seat

sharing. Seat distribution will be done in all the states in 15-20 days. There will be joint rallies at different

places. There will be general meetings and leaders of the alliance's constituent parties will attend them. On the

JDU MPs meeting with nitish kumar, Lalan Singh said that when he was in delhi, the MPs had expressed their

desire to meet. nitish kumar had given him time to meet.

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