Preparation for fortification! BJP eyeing the seats of JDU MPs


The fourth meeting of india Alliance (I.N.D.I.A Alliance) has also taken place. Even in this meeting, there was

no discussion about making bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar the convenor. On the other hand, Bharatiya

Janata party has now started searching for candidates for the lok sabha elections to be held next year (2024).

bjp is looking for strong and winning candidates in those constituencies in which JDU candidates were

victorious in the last elections.

JDU 16 candidates were victorious in 2024

In fact, in the last lok sabha elections, JDU, bjp and LJP had contested the elections together. In this, 16

candidates of JDU were victorious. Six candidates of LJP had won the elections. In the last elections, nda had

won 39 out of 40 seats, congress candidates had won on one seat. In this situation, BJP's eyes are on those 17

parliamentary constituencies which are under the control of the opponents.

sunil Kumar Pintu may be removed from JDU

There are many contenders from bjp on the seats which went to JDU in the last elections. However, bjp is

looking for a winning candidate. JDU had made sunil Kumar Pintu its candidate from Sitamarhi seat in the last

elections. The way Pintu has been making statements against JDU and chief minister Nitish Kumar recently, it is

certain that his name will be wiped out from JDU.

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