Navjot Singh Sidhu targets former Chief Ministers and AAP government...

Senior congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu strongly targeted the aam aadmi party government and former Chief

Ministers. He said that in the last 25 years, one chief minister after another won in punjab but punjab lost. There

should have been public welfare politics from these Chief Ministers, whereas they only indulged in personal

mudslinging and diverting attention.

‘Sidhu surrounded Captain Amarinder, Prakash Singh Badal and Channi’

Navjot Singh Sidhu surrounded former chief minister late Parkash Singh Badal, Captain amarinder singh and

Charanjit Singh Channi and said that they only thought about their own interests and never thought about the

interests of Punjab. They caused harm to punjab to irrigate their home.

‘All the money of punjab is going to pay interest’

Sidhu said that punjab has more resources than the state which earns Rs 50 thousand crore from sand and liquor.

But punjab was put on sale. Whereas when Rs 50 thousand crore is invested with the central money, it becomes

double. punjab is being run by taking loans. All the money of punjab is going to repay the loan. Sidhu, while

targeting the previous governments including aam aadmi party, said that on one hand punjab has a debt of Rs 60

thousand crores and on the other hand they have taken Rs 70 thousand crores.

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