Congress showed strength, Gehlot said - pay tribute to Gurmeet...

Congress may have to data-face defeat in the rajasthan assembly elections, but now congress is putting all its strength

for the elections to be held on Karanpur assembly seat of Sriganganagar. Yesterday, former chief minister and veteran

Congress leader ashok gehlot campaigned for congress candidate and son of Gurmeet Singh Kunnar.

Along with this, ashok gehlot wrote on social media that handprint on 5th January. Area residents should vote with

remembrance. Former cm Gehlot further wrote, The people of Karanpur wrote the script of development of the

area by always giving their love and blessings to Gurmeet Singh Kunnar. Similarly, I am confident that all of you

residents of the area will also support his son and congress candidate Rupendra Singh Kunnar by making him

victorious. We will pay a true tribute to Gurmeet with our vote. Today, this crowd gathered for the nomination of

Rupender Singh Kunnar is a declaration of Congress's victory in the area.

Whereas in this Karanpur seat of Ganganagar, former bjp minister Surendrapal Singh TT will be in the fray against

Rupendra Singh Kunnar. Also, aam aadmi party has made Pirthipal Singh Sandhu its candidate from here. Apart

from these, a total of 12 candidates are contesting from Karanpur seat. Let us tell you that this time bjp got a

bumper victory in rajasthan assembly, while congress could get only 69 seats.

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