BJP candidate Vijay Bainsla is busy in fulfilling the promises

Those who have won in the rajasthan Assembly elections are active in their areas. There is one leader who was

defeated but is still active. He has entered the field to fulfill the promises he had made during the elections. Vijay

Bainsla, bjp candidate from Deoli Uniara, held a meeting with officials of Jal jeevan Mission at Circuit house,

Tonk on Monday. Under Jal jeevan Mission, he has taken it as a mission to provide water to every home of the


Giving information by posting on X, Vijay Bainsla said that a detailed meeting has been held with the government

officials of Jal jeevan Mission at Tonk Circuit house regarding the drinking water problem in Deoli Uniara. Water

should have been provided to every village of Devli Uniara by september 2023, but this work has not been

completed. Together we have resolved to bring water to every village by march 2024.

How will the work be done and promises to complete it?

Vijay Bainsla said through X Post that I want to tell you all that from now on the government officials who are

engaged in Jal jeevan Mission. Especially those who are watching Deoli Uniyara, there will be a review meeting

every 15 days. In the villages around Devli, I along with officers, vendors and contractors will go to each village to

see whether water has actually arrived or not. Whether the water that has come on paper has come on the ground or

not? Merely holding meetings with government officials will not work. The work will be done by doing, so together

you and I will accomplish this work by meeting the people of every village and the Sarpanch of every village. We

will fulfill our pledge to bring water to every village by march 2024. We will fulfill the promises I have made to

you in the past, at any cost. Together we will provide drinking water to every village of Deoli Uniyara.

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