Posters were put up in support of Nitish Kumar...

A meeting of the constituent parties of the I.N.D.I.A alliance is held in the national capital delhi on

Tuesday (19 December), due to which politicians have started gathering at the meeting venue. Meanwhile, a

hoarding put up in support of the JDU leader, an important party of the alliance, in which it is written One

determination, one Nitish is needed is discussed. It is believed that this poster has been put up to demand that Bihar

CM nitish kumar be made the PM candidate. However, a leader of Nitish’s party says that the decision on the post

of prime minister will be taken after the results of the elections.

JDU state president Umesh Kushwaha said, Our leaders are continuously attending the meetings of india Alliance.

Leaders of all parties are meeting. The decision on the post of prime minister will be taken after the results of the

elections. He said that first people will contest elections together. The people of the country will teach a lesson to

the bharatiya janata party in the 2024 elections and together we will defeat the BJP. On the statement given by BJP

state president Samrat Chaudhary regarding the india alliance, Kushwaha said, "His mental condition is not good." I

had already said that he should be treated in a mental asylum.

Umesh Kushwaha said this on seat sharing

On the other hand, a meeting of india Alliance is going to be held in a five-star hotel in delhi, for which leaders of

various parties have started arriving. ncp Chief Sharad Pawar, West bengal cm mamata banerjee, Shiv Sena-UBT

leader uddhav thackeray, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, nitish kumar, delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal, tamil Nadu CM

MK Stalin, congress President mallikarjun Kharge, sonia Gandhi. And rahul gandhi has also reached for the

meeting. The issue of seat sharing will also be discussed in the meeting. Meanwhile, regarding seat distribution,

JDU State President Umesh Kushwaha said, Those who are involved in the meeting. Only they will decide and you

will be given information about this entire matter through a press conference.

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