Jharkhand Assembly Winter Session: Amar Kumar Bauri attacked Congress

Leader of Opposition amar Kumar Bauri has given a statement on the new responsibility assigned by his party and

the biggest IT raid in the country so far. He said, Any assembly is considered complete only when all three

leaders of the ruling party are present in it. party, opposition leaders and speakers present. For the last 4.5 years,

our suggestions to the leader of the Opposition were being ignored by the government, leading to the government

taking haphazard decisions without any questions or opposition.

Bauri further said, I will try to represent the 3.5 crore people of jharkhand to the best of my ability and make the

government accountable to the people. congress is known as the mother of corruption. We will take up the case of

Dheeraj Sahu in the Assembly. We will raise it because this is the biggest IT raid in the country so far. This money

belongs to the people of Jharkhand. In such a situation, the winter session of the jharkhand assembly will be

dominated by the case of recovery of more than Rs 350 crore and jewelery from the premises of congress Rajya

Sabha mp Dheeraj Sahu. bjp has prepared a strategy to siege the coalition government of the state with Congress

on this issue. A meeting of bjp legislature party has been called regarding this on thursday evening.

CM will also be targeted due to ED summons

At the same time, the opposition will try to put the government in the dock on hemant Soren's non-appearance

even after six summons of ED, repeated postponement of appointment examinations in the state and issues related

to unemployment allowance. leader of Opposition in jharkhand assembly amar Kumar Bauri said, “There is no

dearth of issues against the hemant government of the state which has failed on every front. We will demand an

account of the huge amount of money from Dheeraj Sahu's hideouts from the ruling coalition in the House. The

government here is also a partner in this corruption.” Here, the ruling coalition is also busy in countering the

opposition attacks and building unity in the House. On the anniversary of the parliament attack, issues like security

breach, jharkhand government's outstanding of Rs 1 lakh thirty-six thousand crores with the Central government,

non-cooperation of the Center in drought relief in the state will be raised in the House. For the first time in this

fifth assembly of jharkhand, there will be a leader of opposition in the house. The Speaker has recognized Amar

Bauri, the new leader of jharkhand State bjp Legislative party, as the leader of Opposition. Earlier, after the

assembly elections held in 2019, bjp had elected Babulal Marandi as the leader of the party legislature party, but

the Speaker did not recognize him as the leader of Opposition due to the case of defection registered against him.

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