Police Commissioner system will be implemented-CM Mohan Yadav

Ever since taking oath as the chief minister of madhya pradesh, decisions are being taken one after the other by

CM Dr. Mohan Yadav. cm Dr. Mohan Yadav has now announced that like Indore-Bhopal, now the Police

Commissioner system will be implemented in Jabalpur-Gwalior also. cm Yadav has announced this on his social

media account. chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, while posting on X, has announced that he is continuously

taking big steps to crack down on crime. cm has called it a resolution for good governance and strong law and

order. He wrote in the post that Modi ji's guarantee means guarantee of fulfillment. The resolution is for good

governance and strong law and order. After bhopal and indore, now the commissioner system will be

implemented in jabalpur and Gwalior.

The system came into effect in Indore-Bhopal on 21 november 2021.

The police Commissioner system was implemented in indore and bhopal in madhya pradesh on 21 November

2021. The police commissioner system included the limits of 36 police stations in indore urban police district and

37 police stations in bhopal urban police district. In both the cities, Inspector General of police level officers are

the police Commissioners. The posts and zones of officers have also been determined for the police commissioner

system in both the metros.

What is police commissioner system?

The rate of criminal activity is often higher in big cities. In most emergency situations, people become angry

because the police do not have the authority to take immediate decisions. In the commissioner system, the police

themselves play the role of magistrate for preventive action. If the police gets the right to take preventive action,

then action can be taken quickly against people of criminal nature. With this system, senior police officers get

many rights under CrPC. police officers are free to take any decision.

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