NRIs from more than 28 countries reached Indore for Poha-Jalebi party

In indore, BJP’s National General Secretary and mla Kailash Vijayvargiya and Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava

along with indore NRIs from more than 28 countries of the world reached the Poha Jalebi party organized at Ram

Mandir of Vishram Bagh on Ranjit Hanuman Road. Here dialogue and gossip took place on various topics related

to indore and the world. On this occasion, Mayor Council member along with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chicago, San

Francisco, Japan, US nri Indori tasted Poha Jalebi.

Poha Jalebi is the philosophy of Indore

National General Secretary and mla Kailash Vijayvargiya said that earlier indore was a city of meetings and

was the textile capital. Now gradually there are more than 100 ITI companies in many areas in which people

export. With software, indore has become a very different indore and I am proud that we have done a lot within

10 years. I definitely want to tell you that in indore, there is a possibility that you yourself might feel that the

respect of Indians, not just of Indoreans, has increased after narendra modi became the Prime Minister.

Indore is on global model because of its work

Mayor Bhargava welcomed all the nri Indores in indore accent and said that indore is on the global model

because of its work. indore has done many good works of Waste to Art in the world with the aim of giving it the

message of global model and the message of Ram's idea of ram Rajya. In indore, the country's first iron scrap

replica of ram Mandir, 24 feet high and 27 by 40 in data-size, has been made by joining small pieces of 21 tonnes of

iron scrap, which will introduce the whole of india to ram ji and Indore's West to Art. And giving the message of

Waste to Wealth.

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