Vijay Sharma: know why BJP gave him responsibility?

Chhattisgarh’s new cm Vishnu Deo Sai has taken oath as the Chief Minister. With this, perhaps for the first time

in the history of chhattisgarh, two Deputy Chief Ministers have also taken oath along with the Chief Minister. One

of those names is Vijay Sharma, whom the bjp party has directly made the deputy cm after contesting and

winning the assembly elections for the first time. Let us understand what is the intention of bjp behind this, and

who is Vijay Sharma?

In fact, on december 13, Vijay Sharma took oath as deputy chief minister in front of the country’s Prime Minister

Narendra Modi and several bjp Chief Ministers in the oath-taking ceremony at the Science college grounds in the

capital Raipur. chhattisgarh Governor Vishwabhushan Harichandan administered the oath to him. Vijay Sharma

contested and won the election of Kawardha assembly constituency mla for the first time and defeated senior

Congress minister Mohammad Akbar.

Journey from panchayat member to deputy cm, Vijay Sharma is also a sports man

Vijay Sharma’s public life has been successful. He has traveled from a member of Kabirdham district panchayat to

the post of Deputy Chief Minister. Vijay Sharma has become mla from Kawardha assembly constituency for the

first time in the assembly elections 2023. Vijay Sharma is originally a resident of Kawardha. Deputy Chief

Minister and Kawardha mla Vijay Sharma was born on 19 July 1973 in a farmer family. Vijay Sharma, a

postgraduate in Physics, also took a diploma in english Language. Vijay Sharma had entered public life right

from his student days. Vijay Sharma, who became deputy cm, has keen interest in cricket, tourism, poetry

recitation and speech. He has participated in state level competitions in cricket and has also won awards in


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