Imposing Hindi is against federal philosophy: Udhayanidhi?

Minister Udayanidhi stalin has condemned the continued imposition of hindi as against the federal philosophy. Does a female engineer from tamil Nadu who arrived at goa airport to travel to chennai know Hindi? The Central Industrial Security Force soldier is involved in the violation. “I am a girl from tamil Nadu. "I don't know hindi," says the female engineer, a Central army soldier who disrespects tamil Nadu itself in India. hindi is the national language. google it if you want. He has insulted a tamil woman engineer by loudly saying that everyone in india should learn Hindi.

Many people are condemning this. tamil Nadu sports Minister Udayanidhi stalin has condemned the incident and said, "When a woman from tamil Nadu said that she did not understand what the Central Industrial Force personnel spoke in hindi at the goa airport, regardless of the fact that she was with a child, she said, "Hindi is the national language. "Don't you know this?" I strongly condemn the incident of coercion and intimidation.

 It is no longer acceptable for such incidents to continue at airports. The Central Force is for security - not for conducting hindi lessons. In the multi-lingual indian Union, the continued imposition of hindi on the people who speak other languages is against the philosophy of federalism. The Union government should not take such a trend and take immediate action. Fascists must understand that the right to language is also a human right. Stop hindi stuffing.”

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