BJP played a big bet for Lok Sabha elections, political equation of OBC

Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) on monday (11 December) announced the data-face of its new government in Madhya

Pradesh. Dr. Mohan Yadav, mla from Ujjain, has been made the new chief minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Keeping in view the lok sabha elections 2024 to be held after about six months, bjp has tried to solve the caste

equation in the new government.

Political experts say that bjp has already decided the new data-faces of the government by laying the chessboard for

the lok sabha elections. After a long time, along with chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav, two Deputy Chief

Ministers Rajendra Shukla (Brahmin) and Jagdish Deora (Dalit) will run the government in Madhya Pradesh. The

chair of assembly Speaker is being given to narendra singh tomar (Kshatriya). Although Tomar was a

contender for the post of chief minister, the party has made a big move for the lok sabha elections by removing

one OBC data-face Shivraj Singh Chauhan and giving this post to another OBC data-face Mohan Yadav.

Why did bjp choose OBC CM?

First of all, let us know what was the compulsion of the bjp high command to give the post of chief minister to

another OBC leader instead of one OBC leader? There are about 50 percent OBC voters in Madhya Pradesh. BJP

had given tickets to 68 OBC leaders, out of which 44 have won. Similarly, congress had given tickets to 59 OBC

leaders, but victory came only to 16. OBC population is more than 40 percent in 72 seats of the state and bjp has

won 50 of these. These 72 assembly seats fall in 20 lok sabha constituencies of the state.

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