When Mama did not get CM post, Shivraj Singh looked emotional?

BJP has announced the new chief minister in Madhya Pradesh. The party has given the responsibility of the state

to Mohan Yadav. With this, the suspense regarding the chief minister in mp has also ended. According to

sources, in the legislature party meeting, shivraj singh chouhan had put forward Mohan Yadav’s name for the

post. Now meanwhile, an emotional video of former cm Shivraj Singh Chauhan with his beloved sisters has


Shivraj became emotional after meeting his beloved sisters

A day after the announcement of the new cm in Madhya Pradesh, on Tuesday, his dear sisters came to meet

former cm Shivraj Singh Chauhan. During this, the sisters were seen hugging Shivraj Singh Chauhan and crying

bitterly. Seeing these sisters crying, the former cm also looked emotional. After the landslide victory in the

assembly elections, Shivraj Singh himself had made it clear that he is not in the race for the post of cm and my

post belongs to my maternal uncle.

Can get ministerial post in central government

In such a situation, there is now speculation that he may be called to delhi and he may also get a ministerial post

in the Central Government. However, this is not the first time that Shivraj Singh Chauhan is being speculated to

get a big post or ministry in the organization. Earlier in 2018, when congress formed the government in the state,

the party had entrusted him with the responsibility of the National Membership Campaign Committee. At the

same time, a change of generation was seen in bjp and in a way it seems to be preparing the second line

leadership. Therefore, the leaders who were earlier part of the cabinet have been brought forward and made CM.

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