Modi Magic and Laadli Brahmin Yojana did not work on these areas!


Despite the historic victory, the impact of Laadli Brahmin and Modi magic remained less in the tribal areas. In

such a situation, the victory percentage has increased due to the efficient strategy of BJP. congress does not have

such strategy and strategists, perhaps that is why this time again it will have to sit in the opposition.

By saying that Modi is in the mind of madhya pradesh and Modi is in the mind, madhya pradesh Chief Minister

Shivraj Singh Chouhan had put the victory of mp on the head of PM Modi even before the election results came

out. This is also true to a large extent. Because without cm data-face, bharatiya janata party did something in

madhya pradesh which had not been done till now. In madhya pradesh, bjp not only won the elections but also

achieved a historic victory. Out of 230 assembly seats, bjp has won 163 seats which is 48.55 percent of the total

votes. With a fire brand data-face like PM Modi, Kamal did wonders in Madhya Pradesh. With this victory, it is

important to talk about the grassroots people, who have played an important role in the victory. However, despite

such a huge historic victory and despite having installed such a strong management, bjp still needs to work more

on tribal seats. In the 2023 elections, bjp has won 25 out of 47 st reserved seats, compared to 15 seats in 2018.

There are other 8 seats where the margin of victory or defeat is less than 1% of the total votes polled.

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