Will Sehore have title of CM’s home district or will be snatched away?

After the declaration of assembly election results in madhya pradesh, all eyes are on the next Chief Minister.

BJP has got a bumper victory in this election. However, the CM’s data-face is not clear yet. Meanwhile, 10 lakh

voters of the four assembly seats of Sehore district, adjacent to the capital Bhopal, are also eagerly waiting for

the cm data-face. In fact, for the last 16 and a half years, Sehore district has the title of CM’s home district. At present

the suspense continues.

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who has been commanding madhya pradesh for the last 16 and a half

years, is a resident of village Jait in Budhni assembly of Sehore district. cm Shivraj Singh Chauhan has been

contesting elections from Budhni Assembly. First of all, he contested elections from Budhni assembly in the

year 1990 and achieved a spectacular victory. After this, even after becoming the chief minister of Madhya

Pradesh in 2005, Shivraj Singh Chauhan has been contesting elections from Budhni Assembly. cm Shivraj

Singh Chauhan has been winning this seat continuously since 2006.

CM's district is BJP's stronghold

Let us tell you that there are four assembly constituencies in Sehore, the home district of chief minister Shivraj

Singh Chauhan, which includes Budhni, Ashta, Ichhawar and Sehore assemblies. Besides, Sehore district also

falls in three parliamentary constituencies. bjp candidates have won all four assembly seats of cm Shivraj Singh

Chouhan's home district Sehore. Apart from this, bjp has control over all the three parliamentary seats here. Due

to this, Sehore district is considered the stronghold of BJP.

kept in suspense

After taking charge of the state in 2005, bjp has been continuously registering victories in the state under the

leadership of cm Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Shivraj Singh Chauhan had already been declared the chief ministerial

data-face in the assembly elections of 2008, 2013 and 2018, but this time it could not happen. Even after 7 days of the

results, the central leadership of bjp has not been able to clarify the cm data-face. In such a situation, the residents of

Sehore district are also worried whether Sehore will retain the title of CM's district or not.

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