This young man’s tale of hard work and determination is inspiring the internet, What did he do???

Previously on Monday, an X user Hatinder Singh shared a video that showed a young boy named Sourav Bhardwaj making food delivery orders for Swiggy. In the video, Bhardwaj interacts with the person who is recording his video. The young boy says that during the day he attends classes at ITI, patiala and then does food deliveries from 4 pm to 11 pm. He says that he has been working for swiggy for four months now and covers approximately 40 kilometers on his cycle as he completes the orders.

Bhardwaj explained that he took up the food-delivering gig as an attempt to contribute to his household income. His father is a photographer but his nature of earning is seasonal and hence it is not sufficient for the family. His mother is a teacher in a private school and does not have a substantial salary.

During the heart-to-heart interaction, Bharadwaj added that he supports his family by buying groceries from his earnings. The youngster said that his ultimate goal is to be an IAS officer, but at the same time, he keeps preparing for other government exams. Bhardwaj, who sports a turban, revealed that he was born a Hindu but later converted to sikhism as he was inspired by the teachings of Sikhism. This video was reportedly shot in patiala, Punjab.

So far this video has gathered over 22,000 views and hundreds of likes. Commenting on it, an X user praised the man’s efforts and wrote, “Brilliant & inspirational. This is the youth energy we have to encourage/support. Hard work is the new cool. Alcohol & drugs very uncool. Kudos to this youth. He will go far!!” Expressing a similar sentiment, another person wrote, “Salute to this young man. I ask business people to provide sponsorship to his education costs.” An X user wondered if an eclectic bike could make Bharadwaj’s job easier and wrote, “Isn’t Yulu or any other e-bike startup present in Patiala. In Mumbai, yulu bikes are popular with delivery riders as they are available for rent and have no downtime. Nevertheless, may god bless him, and may he achieve his dreams.”

In the comments, many people also asked for Bharadwaj’s contact details so they could help him. A person wrote, “Sir please share his contact number, I want to employ this boy.”

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