Who will be the CM of Rajasthan? BJP MLA Bal Mukundacharya statement...

Bal Mukundacharya, newly elected mla from Hawa Mahal seat of rajasthan, said about BJP’s cm data-face that the

top leadership thinks together. After this it is decided, hence it cannot be said yet who will become the CM. BJP

MLA Bal Mukundacharya said while talking to ABP News, Our bjp is a huge family. The biggest party in the

whole world is bjp family. bjp does not belong to any mother, son, sister or brother-in-law. Here a tea maker can

become the Prime Minister. One who serves temple and cow can become an MLA. ,

Best wishes to whoever becomes CM- Balmukund

Regarding the cm data-face, Balmukund acharya said, The top leadership of bjp thinks together. After this it is

decided that hence it cannot be said yet who will become it. Best wishes to whoever becomes one. We will

develop rajasthan by taking cooperation from those who will be there. Whatever is created will be created through

the 'lotus' flower. If he belongs to the bjp family, he will gladly accept it.

Bal Mukundacharya said this on Hindutva card

Has Hindutva card been played in Rajasthan? To this question, Balmukundacharya said, PM narendra Modi's

vision is everyone's support, everyone's development. The entire bjp works on this thinking. We are also working

on the same idea. Sanatan means that we consider the whole world as family. It started here from India. We wish

everyone happiness. There is absolutely no discrimination here.”

Who is Bal Mukundacharya?

BJP mla has been elected from Hawamahal seat. congress candidate RR Tiwari was defeated by 974 votes. BJP

MLA Bal Mukundacharya is the Mahant of Hathoj Dham. He is also the President of jaipur Math-Temple Priests

Federation. Bal Mukundacharya's image is as a Hindu leader. Let us tell you that after the victory, a video of Bal

Mukundacharya is also going viral on social media.

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