Folk singer Neha Singh Rathore spoke openly to News


Folk singer Neha Singh Rathore arrived to participate in the All india Mushaira cum Kavi Sammelan organized

on thursday night in Tajpur of the district. Through his songs, he satirized the government regarding inflation,

corruption, poverty and unemployment. During this, Neha Singh Rathore had a special conversation with ABP

News. Aren’t you afraid of constantly singing and writing songs that challenge the government? On this question,

Neha said that she feels scared when she does not know the rules. I get this inspiration from the Constitution.

What is the need to be afraid? The government also wants that the public should forget the real questions and

remain entangled in the fake poems of the court poets.

I have been fond of writing along with singing since the beginning

Neha Singh said that she never sang or wrote the song with the intention of making it viral. She just wants to be

the voice of the people. I do my work with honesty. I try to convey the views of those who are afraid to express

their views to the government through songs. I have been fond of writing along with singing since the beginning.

I write and sing songs on social issues myself. When singers sing their own songs, the notes of the songs become

deeper. I feel good when the songs sung by me are liked on social media. people comment and give good wishes.

I like singing songs written by myself - Neha Singh

The folk singer further said that I like singing songs written by myself more. What crime is it to express your

thoughts through singing? If we don't like the government's policies, we will definitely speak out. Be it through

songs or protests. This is our fundamental right, which we can use anytime. Ask questions to the government and

don't get confused. I have always been asking questions and will continue to ask. As far as singing is concerned

during election time, let me tell you, my singing is always on. To spread awareness during Corona, I sang a song

in Bhojpuri, which made a lot of headlines.

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