There are 7-8 contenders for the post of Chief Minister in BJP

Sekar Chandra

The fate of all the candidates in rajasthan has been decided in EVM (Electronic Voting Machine), but the

rhetoric of political parties has still not stopped. In this series, rajasthan congress chief Govind Singh Dotasara,

while praising his government, has taken the bharatiya janata party to task. Dotasara said that excellent work

was done during the tenure of his government. At the same time, bjp remained embroiled in factionalism and

due to this, 7-8 people within the party started dreaming of becoming the Chief Minister. The state chief of the

congress party says that this is why bjp could not even form a better opposition in the state.

Govind Singh Dotasara says that the people of rajasthan have voted keeping in mind the issues like good

governance of rajasthan government, excellent management during the Corona period, excellent budget

presented by the government. He further said that public welfare flagship schemes were implemented in

rajasthan, which have been appreciated not only by the people of rajasthan but the entire country. On the basis

of these schemes also, the voters of rajasthan have expressed confidence in Congress. He said that relying on

this belief, the congress party is going to form the government again.

7-8 bjp leaders are dreaming of becoming Chief Minister

Meanwhile, Dotasara took the bjp to task and said that there was internal division and discord within the

bharatiya janata party in rajasthan, due to which 7-8 people of the party were dreaming of becoming the Chief

Minister. Dotasara said that these leaders failed even to play the role of opposition because of this dream. Due to

which resentment was seen among the public towards BJP.

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