Counting of votes will take place in 30 rounds in Kawardha

30 rounds will be required to count votes in Kawardha, which is double compared to other seats. That means, on

December 3, the decision of victory or defeat in the assembly will become clear after noon. But among the 90

seats, the counting will be completed first in Manendragarh and Bhilai nagar and the victory or defeat will be

decided on these two seats first. Apart from this, the victory or defeat will be decided on Kawardha seat last.

Because 30 rounds will be required to count votes in Kawardha, which is double as compared to other seats.

Chief Electoral Officer reena Babasaheb Kangale said that the entire voting process will take place in the

presence and supervision of the counting observer and general observer. The Chief Electoral Officer said that

during this period, at the end of each round, any two control units will be checked on a random basis in the

presence of the candidate or his agent and under the supervision of an observer. Apart from this, after completion

of all rounds of counting, the votes will be verified by selecting five Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail

(VVPAT) through a draw.

Three layer security cordon in EVM strong room.

During the counting of votes, candidates will be able to observe the counting by going to any table, while their

agents will observe the counting at the designated table only. After voting, EVMs have been kept under three

layer security in strong rooms in all the district headquarters. Recording of the entire vote counting process will

also be kept. During this period, except the observer and the returning officer, no one will be allowed to carry a

mobile phone in the counting room. Apart from this, no other person will be able to carry any other electronic

equipment i.e. iPad, recorder, video camera etc. The fate of 181 candidates was decided in EVMs on 7th and

17th November.

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